Koby Barhad

An 11 year old child builds a ‘robotic DNA synthesizer” using his Lego bricks kit. A new ‘start-up’ uses free downloadable software to genetically modify, produce and distribute glowing plants. This is not an conjecture! It’s a contemporary landscape in which knowledge sharing and new technologies evolve faster than our ability to address the complexity of their ethical ramification and new legal challenges. 

What sort of responsibilities should a “reasonable person” take on in such environment?

This speculative apparatus is a first attempt to make sense of technologies that have become accessible in the past few years:
The answers of an Artificial Intelligence to a series of genetic variations questions are turned into blueprints for a specific human being. The traits are encoded into genes, synthesized and used as “bio ink” in a 3d printer.
What does it print if the source of this “Intelligence” is derived from 10 years of online chats with the public? Who might be a ‘reasonable person’ in this possible reality? 

Are we still living in a society that worship reason or are we making more reasons to make people? 

opensnp.org > cleverbot.com > genomecompiler.com > partsregistry.org > igem.org > mec.hw.ac.uk > reprapcentral.com

From Artificial Intelligence to a Biological Person.
#1st Attempt