Microbial Money
Raphael Kim

Bacterial Stock Deal

Stock analysis

Boom and Bust Experiment

Bacterial trading: Buy and Sell

Microbial money looks at possible roles for technology and micro-organisms in shaping our socio-economy through hands-on biological experimentation and scenario building. Could microbes be designed to create an alternative model for the economy? who would use them, and what are the potential conflicts that may arise as a result?

Nature and biological patterns have long been associated with superstition and fortune telling. Micro-organisms, such as bacteria, may also have potential roles in these rituals, with their ability to make seemingly logical decisions that we do not fully comprehend.

The project zooms in on a story of financiers and their interaction with the biohacking community. Driven by competition and economic downturn, they seek ways to gain advantage in the stock market through help of a mysterious biohacker who uses microbial cells to forecast fluctuations in the market.

Lighting and photography. Matt Mcquillan